POSTCARD / On The Road

The feeling hits when the wheels leave the ground. I’m on the road and I’m home, somehow more at ease in my mind and body than at the NYC address I’ve kept for much of my adult life.

Nothing’s with me but my Tumi carry-on and Everlane backpack; everything lives in these two trusty friends. Years of travel – sometimes months pass without properly unpacking – have perfected this well honed routine of mine. When my carry-on bag needs to be filled,  an essentialism takes over – an exercise in restraint and consciousness that admittedly took a couple of decades to master.

What do we really need? How well do the possessions we choose serve us – their quality, versatility and additive nature – all while expressing our uniqueness?

This credo follows my ongoing journey of falling in love with this mindbendingly beautiful and crazy world. Less time spent thinking about ‘things’ means more room for doing. Yes to that last minute trip to Paris; eco-diving adventure in Indonesia; three-week three state itinerary.  Yes to the world I love.

We’re at 35,000 feet. Somewhere between nowhere and everywhere, it hits. We walk through life bound by the place we call home, loved ones, possessions, expectations. But on the road, the questions change. Questions of profession, neighborhood and Friday night activities fade, while ‘Who ARE you?’ finds its way into conversations -both wordless and voluble- every day on the roads we travel. We are both weightless and pared down to our very essence.

Someone once said, ‘all roads lead home’; eventually we will touch back down, into the hum of our daily lives.  Our sensorial experiences follow us home, precious, and fleeting. Somewhere between nowhere and everywhere our sense memory lives on. Hold tightly, breathe it in at every opportunity, make it last.

After all, this life is our adventure, so why not CARRY-ON?

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