POSTCARD / The Dean Hotel, Providence

The doorman greeted me with open arms and a smile fit for 1pm on a summer Friday (if only). The frigid temperature and late arrival didn’t seem to phase him, and he invited us in as if it were his living room. The last few restaurant goers were trickling out of Faus, the Dean’s Bavarian inspired watering hole, with rosy cheeks and full bellies. Two 20-somethings were living out the last of their rock star dreams in the Karaoke lounge before the reality of Monday set in. I made my way to the elevator, which in itself is a tribute to the building’s history, and tried to capture the minimalist detail that had been put into the entire space. The Instagram and Pinterest posts certainly aren’t lying – down to the magazines on display, The Dean Hotel is a mini dreamland for design devotees.  

As much as my mind wanted to experience everything, my body made its lack of energy very apparent. I put my travel bag on a fabulous vintage chair,  fell onto the king sized bed, and  into a deep sleep fit for the safety  of my own space – my space, but a whole lot better.

I hate early wake-up calls – and this morning was no exception. I rushed downstairs to catch my 5am train and a new doorman greeted me with the same familiarity as the night before. We chatted about our work weeks like old friends, and when my car came I parted ways with this place that somehow made a short “crash-and-go” overnight into a relaxing, charming experience.

I’m on the train back now, and a little sad I didn’t get to enjoy much of what has been publicly appreciated about The Dean. I didn’t get to take advantage of the food or drinks, make my musical debut in the karaoke lounge, or experience the on-site coffee shop that has acquired fame of its own via social media. I didn’t get to laze on the gorgeous pieces of furniture that inhabit each room or explore the city of Providence. That said, what I did get to experience is actually the most important facet of The Dean: how it functions as a place for visitors to sleep and be welcomed. In that, I’d say the hotel entirely succeeds beyond most. The Dean acts as more than just a beautiful space primed for a photo (though it is that, too) – in every way it feels like a companion you’ve had for years, and one you will certainly be seeing again. I only spent one night with The Dean, but I can say that it’s certainly the best I’ve had in awhile, and I can’t wait to come back for more.

Georgia Zeavin is a Producer at Lemonade Creative

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