Postcard / Maderas, Nicaragua

Maderas Village is a pivot for creatives. It is a daily dose of artists and purists. Everyone at Maderas comes clean about their life. No lines. No lies. I appreciated that bleach of the heart, no stains, no reminders. Just straight talk. Every night, dinners are communal style so if you were that one kid in school hoping that your teacher won’t pick on you to answer the question, then you are in luck. At Maderas, even your shyness disappears. You see your own morals mature. Your soul wants to grow the fuck up.

At dinner, you could be rubbing shoulders with a six­-degree person to your best friend, an industry colleague, or somebody who just frivolously quit their 9-to-5 corporate life to live strip down back-to-basic but I can guarantee there will be many laughs, many smirks, many eye ­hugs, and that everyone has come for a simple life pleasure.

You can’t hide behind your phone and scroll down a whole days worth of loitering on your Instagram to avoid eye contact, you can’t pretend to you couldn’t hear someone’s odd question to you, because everything in the jungle is real. Wifi can (and will) fail on you. You will have to depend on yourself.

Remember that thing called conversation? Remember that object, a book? Remember that pen you only used to sign your checks? It’s quiet so you can’t pull a French on a conversation and exit like how you would at a bar. It’s you versus you in Maderas. Only one card of Joker to use against the Ace.

Some may seek renewal. Some come to seek rehab. Some come to escape. Some come to retreat. Some come to change. Some come for the yoga (tiny giggle). Some come for the waves. Some come and remain because of true love, like me. Maderas is the epitome of stepping back, to step forward. Like the first time MJ graced the moon walk. Remember that? Was he really walking back or moving backwards with forward motion. Ah. Take a moment to observe your simplicity. Stop fucking slacking. Stop complaining. Stop validating your life to others. Stop being machine. And I can absolutely tell you that if you’re not fulfilled, Maderas Village is your next chapter.

Grace Lee is the founding lady of the all-female DJ collective, Liaison Femme. In her spare time, she writes, takes photos and makes killer guacamole.

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