ON OUR RADAR / The Detox Market

Walking into their Beverly Boulevard concept store, you are immediately hit. Hit by the awareness that someone has expended considerable time and energy to create a sacred and beautiful space dedicated to the detoxified life.

Founded by Romain Gaillard, the Detox Market is a wonderland of natural and organic products – from wellness to beauty to home. Starting with the premise that community is built on trust, Romain and his team have a thorough vetting criteria. The result? Pick up any product in their shop and we guarantee their experts will have a handful of reasons they carry the brand. The bonus? Their ability to share relevant information in a way that is relatable and easily understood. No scarily scientific labels or explanations here.

Not to mention, their products are divine! From May Lindstrom to Josh Rosebrook, Strange Invisible and many more, Romain and his team have amassed a cult following, THE CARRY-ON included.

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